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Money and jobs

For the first time in ages, having moved in with Tsietisin's I am having to start looking after the money I bring in with a bit more care than I used too. Where as normally I would check my balance every other week and could afford to pay off any large credit card bills in one go, I am now finding myself paying more attention and thinking about how to generate more cash and reduce back my budget.

Unfortually as a tennager I never considered going into higher education prefering the route of working my way up through experience, however the all the jobs I have worked now have been either boring, or badly paid. Now the routes open to me are

1. To progress into supermarket managment with Tesco
2. Find a job that either pays well, or will if I pursue advancement in it (Still to find such a job)
3. Go back into higher education and use up 4 years of my life to do this (despite not really knowing what to do anyway)

I think the main issue I have is confidence in myself and my abilitys, I hate being a cancerian...

Any ideas/suggestions anyone?
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