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Homer and the Hamsters

So, this morning, for the second time since I moved in, the hamsters (both of them this time) pulled the amazing Hamster escaping act again, though this time they stayed near the cage. I had Homer the cat with me at the time and it was only when Homer left to watch the Hamster cage (his usual pass time in my room before he settles down) that I noticed that Homer was behaving in an unusual manner, this was due to him spotting the hamsters were out and obviously trying to decide which one was going to be his first hamster meal of the day. Luckly I caught him before he jumped and removed him while I put the hamsters back in. But once again, how they got out (the cage was secure when I checked it) is beyond me.... In other news its been two months since I moved in, things are still going good, though I seem to have got over the initial lets keep everything spotless routine I was in and have been letting things slacken a bit meaning poor Tsietisin has been doing a bit more than he should, something I need to put right. My sleeping routine is still a little fubar but its getting better as time goes by.
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