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Its finally the week leading into xmas and what a relief its going to be to get to saturday. I've been working as much overtime this last two months as I can get my hands on in order to deal with Boyracer Landlord's taking most of the kitchen and living room with him, with Poesraven's visit, xmas and a whole load of extra costs, this has cumulated with me working 16 days non stop and this week will see me end up working a 65 hour week in 5 and a bit days, thats pratically double a normal working week for me, as you can imagine I'm a little tired. Thankfully the ever thoughtful Tsietisin has been making a point of doing little bits of shopping for me, making me coffee when he knows I'm getting up etc, all despite suffering from a serious of bugs and infections which thankfully I've managed to avoid for the most part. So this is a big

THANK YOU TSIETISIN.........................................

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