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So I'm bored

So I'm bored, its 8am, my sleeping pattern dictates that as I went to sleep when it was dark, that I can only sleep for 4 hours, I have no MMORPG in my life atm, so nothing to engross myself in, I've been trying to play some 1 player games that I have and they just aren't holding my attention. Burning cd's and moving files around is fufilling and the work I'm doing on sorting out the mess that is our collection is going well... but the fufilment comes from finishing a task, not watching numbers click down. I'm going to America in 3 days so I don't want to download and use the free 2 week trial of RF Online, I've left my copy of WOW in the states and subscription is out (and have no desire to play it anyway), D+D Online looks boring and again, i don't want to use my free month up. Pirates of the Burning Sea has not yet graced me with a Beta Key (bastards) and I don't feel like watching anything.


I need a new single player game or non payable game to engross me, any ideas anyone?
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