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Currently I am the only person up inside Fortress Geek, after 30 minutes of trying to sleep on the rather comfy sofa in the front room I've given up on sleep for now - despite being tired. As normal when I fall into bed etc, unless exhausted, I tend to go over the day and plan the next few days in my head and being as I am off till Tuesday Evening, I have had a brain storming session while lying down.

So until I get that session written out on notepad chances of sleep are next to nothing.

*edit* Unfortually when becoming vertical again - the ideas tend to disappear - and being as I have no laptop to record them on - this might take a few trips to get everything down.
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DId you see the Liverpool Match??

Bloody hellfire!!!!

I watched the first half even though I'm not a fan of football - and at half time decided to return to my computer - so badly were Liverpool playing. On a whim I checked the score just after Liverpool scored the first - continued to ignore the computer - checked again 10 mins later while waiting for something to install and they were 3 all!!!!!

Never did get to finish the install - watched the match until I had to go to work. Glad they won - nice to see the underdogs win, though the papers and news today will be filed with their victory so I might as well stay in bed today.
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So for those that follow such things and as already announced in two other LJ's Tsietisin's and Poesraven05 I can finally reveal that in late January I asked Poesraven05 to marry me and she agreed. Its been a hard couple of months keeping it quiet from those that weren't already aware of it but I wanted Poesraven05 to be here in Clevedon with me before I let people know and for the last two weeks, she has been :-D. Has been a great two weeks having her here but last Friday she had to go home, but baring any major glitchs she'll be moving to England next May and I can't wait :-D. I'm not one for posting much on LJ anymore, I used to use it as a way of venting and recovering from problems and the breakup of myself and my old girlfriend and now that thats over and done with I feel the need to use a journal much less than before - hence the lack of posts.

Anyway - life is good now, I'm enjoying living here in the flat with Tsietisin much more than I thought I would to begin with, and I want to especially mention him here and thank him for giving me a load of support in the run up to - and during Poesraven05's visit. Other than that - the hamsters have settled in and not escaped again and I'm feeling good and looking forward to the future.
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The Mysterious Roaming Hamster

So for those of you that are un-aware - I have managed to drag myself through the pits of lethargy and organised myself enough to move in with Tsietisin. I moved in last Sunday. Tuesday was spend in blissful sleep, up to around 10.30am when the lovely council workmen decided that enough was enough and engaged in some frenzyed drilling down in the flat below us, being as I work nights and sleep in the day I can't say I was best pleased. They left around 3pm and back to bed I went, sleeping until I had to get up to go to work, thus causing me to miss a vist from Air_Bizkit much to my annoyance.

Well I stroll back into the flat at 6.30am - straight to bed only to be woken by the afore mentioned lovely council workmen, only at 8am this time :-/. With both myself and Tsietisin awake, we sat in the living room and had a drink and a chat. After a while I remember to turn the computer on and decide to venture back into my room and say hello to the hamsters on my way back out (Picture) to come.

Now the 2 chinise hamsters I have had for close to 6 months, firmly enclosed in a weird and wonderful Rotastak cage - a sort of mess of plastic tunnels and otherwise strange rooms, all see through providing a wonderful viewing area for me when I need to relax. But today one of the two were missing........

Holly the more adventurious one was missing, but the cage was still sealed, no sign of a fight or blood in the cage. So I call Tsietisin in and after a search of the room we locate the rather athletic hamster under the huge kingsize bed I have. Well in the end Tsietisin managed to coax her out and we returned her to the cage where shes busy drinking enough to prepare for the apparent hosepipe ban we have coming in in the summer. But how she escaped (sometime between 10pm and 8am) is beyond me..... Maybe the drilling from the flat below sent her into a frenzy and she pulled aside one of the wire mesh bars and tried to escape to the somewhat quieter realms of the living room (before realising that the rather fat cat was in the way) or whether a mysteriously mellow spirit set her free, we will never know. :-)
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That quiz

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Maybe just a quartly update, maybe not.

So um, kinda like a quartly update (complete with spelling mistakes no doubt). So I've finally accepted I have a problem.... My problem being my complete and total addication to MMORG'S and a withdraw from life in general lol. I laugh at myself now but it's turned out to be quite a problem, especially recently. I've always been one to lose myself in things, I guess as an escape from reality which I freely admit I've always hated. When I was younger it was the books, as I grew it was the first computers. Around 17 ish I fell madly in love and my social life was suddenly discovered, but after the huge failure that was Lisa I plunged back into the realm of computers and have never really resurfaced again... untill Monday. Well I say Monday but its been building for sometime. But on Monday I experienced a rush akind to nothing else I have ever felt and now... now I feel drained but more aware of existance than maybe I have been for quite a while. I'm not saying I'm cured, but that first step has been taken.

So anyway, now that I've poked my head above water I have some issues that like it or not I've got to deal with. I need to sort out what to do with my life, whether I am going to move in with Tsietisin or not - and if so how I can make a potentially brilliant experience work with a potentially big chance of failure due to lack of money. I need to find the means to develop a social life that doesn't revolve around a machine. I need a new job and probebly a second one. I need to resolve my life from next May onwards (more of that later :-D) In fact I just need to pull myself out of the rut that i've slowly fallen into and give myself a good hard slap around the face.

This is kinda the second step - It's one thing to admit it to myself, but quite another to admit that you've been a tosspot to everyone else - lol

Anyway - so plan for the rest of the week. Saturday, Tsietisin has first day off and Chocolate Jon has kindly mentioned that I'm more than welcome to join him on his birthday social event thingy (would link but long since forgotten how too :-D). So lots of people I hardly know in a pub I've never been too in Bristol...... I'm going to be hate it... but at the same time I need it and chances are if I relax enough I'll enjoy it.

(Just uninstalled World of Warcraft as I typed this....Shudder)
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LimeCat is NOT pleased

So we´re on the last night of our holiday and what an eventful day its been.

We went out for a stroll today, looking for presents and generally enjoying being able to walk out in the sun for the first time in 2 days without being in agony due to our sunburn. We eventually walk back in the hotel ready for a bit of rest before going to tonight wild west themeed party and theres lots of policemen. We get ushered up the stairs and its all looking like its going a bit pearshaped, the reception guy leaves us and so we just puzzle that somethings going on. We get into our room, look and locate anything thats a bit naughty and then john looks over the balcony, and there below us well....... i´ll leave that for john to tell as i´m about out of credit.

Geek type question

I'm wanting to stream live footage off my computer to a website. There could be up too 20 people watching the stream, but obviously I don't want to spend a fourtune doing it.

The one way I can think of doing it atm is that I have avi from a continueing fraps recording being streamed (with say a 5 sec delay) to a website with unlimited bandwidth. any ideas?

CCP sucks - kinda

Well I'm on day 2 of a 30 day ban for apparently exploiting. Some guy who got banned for pointing out an exploit to CCP (this is EVE btw) got back at CCP by duping 6 billion isk and giving out loads, myself and a mate recieved 1 bil each and didn't petition so got accused of expoliting. The money was removed from our accounts, but not before we had spend it, so my account now reads -920.000.000. Now this is a good thing and a bad thing.

A bad thing cos I have 28 days before I can play.

A good thing cos on ebay, isk is going roughly $100 for every 100 mil isk - so roughly $900 worth of isk for ebay when i get back on and sell the stuff i brought then ebay the cash i make.

My accounts I think I can sell for roughly another $1000 + any money from other equipment i have - so in a months time I hope to start selling virtual crap for what i hope will come to £2000 in the end - this for paying around £200 over the course of a year.

Anyway - other than that - working loads, earning loads, spending loads, sleeping not a lot.